You want to explain your business idea, show your product, explain your service or similar? Best in video? No problem! I'll make your business better known and help you shine with creative videos online.


And that’s how it works

We meet for coffee and talk about your business.


A few days later I present my ideas and we discuss them. Alternatively, you already come to me with an idea that I work out or we work out together.


I plan the shoot and organize everything we need.


Day of shooting! I'm filming your video. Normally, you or an employee is there, too.


Then I'll cut your video the way we want it.


You or an employee reviews the video and gives feedback.


On request, I correct the video at one point or another.


Finally! Your video is ready and can be uploaded.

Your content is important to me. That's why I am going to involve you and/or an employee in the production process so that everything is consistent in the end. Any questions about this process?

I am happy to answer your questions:



This is what I offer you



Creativity is the beginning of good ideas that are fundamental for the success of your video.


Technology for video shooting and computer programs make everything possible.


Time when I am here for you and in which I produce your video.


Advice is needed to test ideas for their feasibility.


Attention for what you want to tell your (potential) customers.


Success with your business! In the long run, more people will know you.